Flow my tears, the eyeball said

I am a conundrum
You are not.
So are we a contradiction,
Or are we a knot?

The Blah Blog

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This eclectic collective of introspective detectives write stories and articles that send you tumbling through their eyes. Do you write? If you are an authority on writing, The Blah Blog could use your inspirations. So Contact me if you are an experimental author with a yearning for the imaginary.

Who realized: Ididntrealize


Slinging webs

“So it's like a moving puzzle with new parts being added all the time?”
-Interested party

“Developing for the web requires a lot of math/logic, but figuring out how each part comes together to make a whole is an art.”
-Corey, realized ididntrealize

The cloud is created in your mind

The Willow Walkers

A Soul Soothing Super Group

Presenting to you, The Willow Walkers. A collaborative of acoustic and funk coming straight from the souls of musicians, groovy jams flowing from their instruments into your very heart. With penetrating truth of love, life, and beauty, the raw emotion is enough to capture your interest and entice the spirit for more.